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Reformer is a HubSpot CMS theme, super user-friendly and speed optimised which takes advantage of all amazing HubSpot features. The plethora of options offered permit to design, any kind of website, whether it is a general or a specific-purpose, corporations, agencies, freelancers, designers, bloggers or whichever is your need.

Available Page Templates

  1. About
  2. Contact
  3. Home
  4. Home Creative
  5. Landing Page
  6. Pricing
  7. Services


  1. Blog Post
  2. Blog Listing

System Pages

  1. 404 error
  2. 500 error
  3. Search Results Template
  4. Password prompt template
  5. Subscription Template
  6. Subscriptions Update Template
  7. Backup Unsubscribe Template

Custom Modules

  1. Accordion
  2. Blog Listing
  3. Button
  4. Buttons Group
  5. Cascading Image
  6. Divider
  7. Header
  8. Hero Section
  9. Icon Boxes
  10. Image Carousel
  11. Image Text
  12. List
  13. Media Box
  14. Pricing Table
  15. Progress Bars
  16. Single Image
  17. Slogan
  18. Socials
  19. Socials Text
  20. Spacer
  21. Steps
  22. Team
  23. Title


The images included in preview and theme package were downloaded from Unsplash



We would greatly appreciate if you use our Support Forum for any help you need instead of the public comments. We’d be glad to help you.


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