NTVCypto Wallet Mobile UI Library

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NTVCypto Wallet Mobile UI Library

Kick-off your next project with the NTVCypto design system. Design system with a variety of modern components and pixel precision. We used it to complete the NTVCypto application. It helps unlocks the future of digital ownership, rights management, royalty collection, real-time payments, and more …

Work becomes more productive and efficient

Change The Font

The fonts are set in many sizes, making it easy to change for each position.

Color System

Built in light to dark colors with multiple levels, quick to customize.

Component Library

Change state for components with a few mouse clicks.

Built on the principles of Ant Design

The design system was built on the principles of Ant Design and optimized for Figma. Save hundreds of hours and use React, Angular or Vue library to have your projects developed. The system is frequently updated and used by the best companies.

Features in NTVCypto:

  • Sign in (14 Screens)
  • Home (1 Screen)
  • Cash out (6 Screens)
  • Creating Assets (18 Screens)
  • Creating Agreements (27 Screens)
  • Sending or Requesting Money (11 Screens)
  • Redeem from a Partner (5 Screens)
  • Activity (2 Screens)
  • Profile (13 Screens)


  • Neatly organized & layered
  • Customizable useful components
  • Component variants in Figma are available and varied
  • Production ready
  • Color & Font Variables

File Include:

  • Figma file
  • 140+ Components
  • 160+ Style
  • 70+ Premium Icons
  • 8 Features
  • 90+ Screens Mobile App

Google Free Font: Work Sans


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