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Enhancing your portfolio website with Lendex HubSpot Theme will be a piece of cake from here on. With its sophisticated design and responsive layout, creating a fabulous online presence can be done in no time. The elegant designs are matched by user-friendly features that enhance the overall user experience like fast page loading times and mobile optimization for smartphone users. This means that you’ll always have an ideal portfolio to represent yourself when networking or meeting new clients.

Give an online portfolio your own personal touch – and turn it into a powerful marketing weapon. When you’re looking for that fresh edge over the competition, Lendex HubSpot Theme will give you what you need to market yourself in a better way than ever before.

Online Documentation | 25+ Custom HubSpot Modules

List of Page Templates (10+)

  • Home
  • About Page
  • Faq Page
  • landing Page
  • Service Page
  • Blog
  • Project Page
  • Blog Details
  • Contact

List of Modules (25+)

  • Lendex-Breadcrumb
  • Lendex-Clients
  • Lendex-Contact-Page
  • Lendex-Error-Page
  • Lendex-Faq-Page
  • Lendex-Footer-Contact
  • Lendex-Footer-Newsletter
  • Lendex-Funfact
  • Lendex-Home-Slider-area
  • Lendex-Latest-Posts
  • Lendex-Portfolio
  • Lendex-Project-List
  • Lendex-Services
  • Lendex-Services-Page
  • Lendex-Skill
  • Lendex-Testimonials
  • Lendex-Video-Info
  • customizable-button
  • header-right-button
  • Lendex-Blog-Listings
  • Lendex-Blog-Pagination
  • menu-section
  • Mobile-Menu
  • Mobile-Menu-Social-Icon
  • social-follow

List of System Pages

  • Membership Login
  • membership Registration
  • Membership Reset Password Request
  • Membership Reset Password
  • Subscriptions Confirmation
  • Subscription Preferences
  • Backup Unsubscribe
  • Search Results
  • Password Prompt
  • 404
  • 500


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