Find Barber Shop Near XD UI KIT Template

 Find Barber Shop Near XD UI KIT Template Nulled

In the following sections we will explain how to set up and use it the easiest way possible. If you have any questions that you feel should have been in this document you can contact us through our profile page on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much!!!

<section id=”template_features”>

Template Features

  1. Number Ready to Use UI Dashboard Screens
  2. Highly Customizable Design
  3. Multiple Category to Choose from
  4. Well Researched UX for Better Conversion Raten
  5. Modern and Minimalistic UI Design
  6. Helps Shopkeepers to Track and Interact with User
  7. Advanced property filtering options
  8. Perfectly Organized with proper Layering and Naming
  9. Compatible with Adobe XD
  10. Prototype Ready
  11. Free Google Fonts Usedy

<section id=”files_structures”>

Files Structures

Template folder is structured as following:

<strong>Documentation </strong>- That file help you to can use our template
<strong><strong>Adobe XD Template -</strong></strong> All Adobe XD files for your template

<section id=”adobe_xd_template_files”>

Adobe XD Template Files

XD template files is structured as following:

Find Barber Shop Near XD UI KIT Template

  • 00_Splash Screen
  • 01_Splash Screen
  • 02_Splash Screen
  • 00_Walkthrow Screen
  • 01_Walkthrough
  • 02_Walkthrough
  • 03_Walkthrough
  • 04_Walkthrough
  • 05_Walkthrough
  • 01_Login Screen
  • 01a_Login Screen
  • 02_Signup Screen
  • 02a_Signup Screen
  • 03_Resetpassword Screen
  • 03a_Resetpassword Screen
  • 04_Verfication Screen
  • 04a_Verfication Screen
  • 05_New Password Screen
  • 05a_New Password Screen
  • 01_Homepage
  • 02_Homepage
  • 03_Homepage
  • 04_Near By Saloon
  • 05_Map
  • 05a_Map
  • 06_Saloon Profile
  • 07_Saloon Porflio
  • 08_Saloon Ratting
  • 08a_Saloon Ratting
  • 05a_Map
  • 06_Saloon Profile
  • 07_Saloon Porflio
  • 07a_Saloon Porflio
  • 07b_Saloon Porflio
  • 08_Saloon Ratting
  • 08a_Saloon Ratting
  • 09_Saloon Path
  • 10_Search Page
  • 10a_Search Page
  • 11_Filter
  • 12_Search
  • 12a_Search
  • 13_Book appointment
  • 13a_Book appointment
  • 13c_Book appointment
  • 14_Select services
  • 14a_Select services
  • 15_Add card
  • 16_Booking List
  • 16a_Booking List details
  • 17_Chat
  • 17a_Chat
  • 18a_Call
  • Upcoming More Update

<section id=”layer_structure”>

Layer Structure

As you can see in the images below, we Created some folders which was named clearly based on its position in the layout and all of them are well organized.



We will expand the folders to see inside. All the layers are also named clearly. You will know exactly where this layer is belonged by its name.

<section id=”sources_credits”>

Sources & Credits








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